£149 per Driver

Shown opposite with the FV432 TROOP TANK is the FV439 COMMAND TANK ; at almost 20,000 kgs, it is about the largest of its category, and has only done 650 km since new, and it is still in service with the British Army. It is armed with a 50 cal. machine gun!

What the Tank Driver learns:

” Tank School will teach you to properly drive a tank “
If the Drivers were in the Military, they would be expected to display a high skill of tank control in order to avoid ‘I.E.D.s’, personnel and minefields !

So if you are going to drive a tank, it is probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you should do it properly. This is the intention at Tank School.

What will happen:

You attend the briefing on basic tank driving theory. You will receive detailed instructions about your equipment and your safety; this is the REAL THING.

Following your initial safety briefing, you are then introduced to the tank for further operational briefing and instruction; and there’s a lot to learn before we even start the engine. You will receive fascinating explanations of the machine’s military purpose, it’s systems and weapons. Now get ready for ‘engine start’. Soon we’re off to the Tank Training Area for the driving experience. The noise and thrill of these machines is awesome

Then it’s the Driver’s chance to DRIVE under one-to-one tuition

The Tank School experience is about understanding and getting to grips with tank driving. It is a demanding course; you have to control this huge machine to within-the-inch of openings and obstacles.

Shown opposite is the 26 ton 6×6 massive military truck:per Driver

3. HUMVEE DRIVER £79 per Driver

The Humvee is the most iconic US Military Vehicle of today. It is operated in n Afghanistan and Iraq, but is rarely seen in the UK, which makes this experience very special.

At Tank School you will learn to drive the Humvee as part of a military patrol; learning for example to lead other vehicles in a convoy situation.

4. The I.F.F. Tactical Shooting Range £79 per Shooter

IFF …… Identify Friend or Foe …. Walk through a wood, armed with a tactical pump action combat shotgun, and you have a split second to identify and decide whether to fire at targets that appear from nowhere. Do you shoot or not shoot ? You don’t want to shoot an un-armed civilian ……. or are they unarmed ?

5. STRIP DOWN MACHINE GUNS £49 per Trainee

A Tank School Instructor shows how to dismantle these weapons, and then you must do the same and re-assemble them against the clock, in competition with your group, and in the dark ! This is a great team-building event.

50 cal. M2 HB QCB Browning ‘Ma Deuce’ heavy machine gun
12.7 mm Dshk anti-aircraft machine gun 7.62 mm PKT co-ax machine gun
7.62 mm AK assault rifle
anti-tank bazooka
anti-tank mines Bren gun

£nil per person (please tel. to discuss)

How about a lunchtime or evening “troop” transport to the pub for food and a quick pint ! You would all be in uniform with your helmets and make an arrival like none before; in a tank or massive truck!

This is a unique and memorable way to enhance a corporate or team atmosphere.

Your Day will almost certainly be bespokely organised, dependent on the numbers attending and your ‘ per person ‘ budget.