Drive a tank on a specific day, with other coustomers.

Reasons for coming to TANK SCHOOL:

We teach the Driver to PROPERLY DRIVE A TANK

If they were in the Military, they would be expected to display a high skill of tank control in order to avoid ‘I.E.D.s’, personnel and minefields !

So if you are going to drive a tank, it is probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you should do it properly.

What will happen:

Upon arrival, all go to the Quartermaster’s Stores to receive military uniforms and helmets, and you soon feel part of a military unit !

Then you attend the briefing on basic tank driving theory. You will receive detailed instructions about your equipment and your safety; this is the REAL THING.

Following your initial safety briefing, you are then introduced to the tank; there’s a lot to learn before we even start the engine. You will receive fascinating explanations of the machine’s military purpose, it’s systems and weapons. Now get ready for ‘engine start’. Soon we’re off to the Tank Training Area for the driving experience. The noise and thrill of these machines is awesome.

Then it’s the Driver’s chance to DRIVE via one-to-one tuition. The Tank School experience is about understanding and getting to grips with tank driving. It is a demanding course; you have to control this huge machine to within-the-inch of openings and obstacles.

Further details:

Light refreshments are included throughout the experience

Children are welcome to drive if accompanied by their legal Guardian, provided they can control the tank. Experience shows children can start driving from around 10, or just attend even younger.